Where was Tulketh Hall?

It overlooked the Ribble at the top of the steep hill anyone will know who’s tried to cycle up Bray St, the bottom of Waterloo Road or Poulton St.

Location of Tulketh Hall

Location of Tulketh Hall

We’ve had a few requests for photos of Tulketh Hall, Ashton’s lost stately home. Here’s one. This is the best quality image we have, although it’s the side of the building so it’s not the most flattering view. The entrance was on the other side.

Tulketh Hall

Tulketh Hall

Same view (we think)  in 2008:

Tulketh Hall 2008

Site of Tulketh Hall in 2008

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One comment on “Where was Tulketh Hall?
  1. Steve Parker says:

    I lived in Flett St 1962 – 1984 . My mother continued to live there until 2014 in the house just visible in the photo above .
    As a child , me , my sister and friends spent much of our childhood playing on the site of Tulketh Hall , although we didn’t know it at the time .
    I can distinctly remember two incidents whilst digging around in the dirt … uncovering a trapdoor that led down into stables and finding ammunition boxes down there … and uncovering a tiled floor under the earth … all quite exciting for a child .
    I have often considered that it was these two incidents in my childhood that sparked a lifelong interest in both local history and archaeology . I reckon Time Team are due a visit !

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