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Where were you in 1983?

Here are four rare photos of Ashton taken back in 1983. In case you’re not sure when that was, imagine a year when Kajagoogoo topped the charts and Margaret Thatcher won her second election. Suddenly this year doesn’t look so

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Where is Lively Polly Corner?

Lively Polly Corner still exists, although the name is no longer used. The corner of Blackpool Road and Pedder’s Lane used to be covered in billboards, once adorned by adverts for Lively Polly – apparently a washing powder. The name

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The Green Frog – back in the day

Here are some great pics taken of the original ‘Green Frog’ back in 1990. The Green Frog, based on Preston Docks, has been serving top quality food – including delicious sweek and savoury French Pancakes – for the last 20

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The building of Larches

Here are some photos of the building of Larches. Although Larches estate was built in the 1950s-1960s, the name has existed for many years. So far we’ve traced the name at least back to a map in the 1840s but

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Snapshots of Ashton – the early 1900s

At the turn of the 20th century, as terraces were built at a fast pace, Ashton was quickly being transformed from a rich outer suburb to another terraced arm of Preston. It was boom time for Ashton – the new

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Savick – Before and after

Whilst Preston’s boom years were, arguably, firmly fixed in the Victorian era, Ashton-on-Ribble’s main periods of growth took place in the 20th century. And here are some photos to prove it. The top photo was taken in the 1940s. Whilst

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Preston – A century of change

Who would have guessed that one of Preston’s grimiest areas, packed with factories, railways and even a canal, would, 100 years later, become the site of Preston’s university. These two photos, taken from St Walburge’s spire looking towards the city

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Lea once had its own train station

Lea train station opened in 1840 when the railways were booming throughout the UK. During the mid-1800s there were plans to expand the rail links to the west of Preston, via what is now the dock area, to give traffic

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Guess where Blackpool’s old trams were made?

Today, Strand Road’s remaining factories stand as an impressive monument to Preston’s manufacturing past. They are a living monument, however: these buildings still being used to build trains as part of the multinational company Alstom. Over the years factories on

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Ashton lives – Pre-war transport

Here are some atmospheric photos of pre-war Ashton. 1. A Scout trip This picture shows George Thomas Whittle, DCM, next to the driver’s door, at Lively Polly Corner (the corner of Pedders Lane and Blackpool Road). We don’t have a

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