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Guess where Blackpool’s old trams were made?

Today, Strand Road’s remaining factories stand as an impressive monument to Preston’s manufacturing past. They are a living monument, however: these buildings still being used to build trains as part of the multinational company Alstom. Over the years factories on

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What was Blackpool Road called 120 years ago?

Blackpool Road is a reference point for everyone living north of the Ribble in Preston. It’s one of those streets that is so firmly rooted in Preston’s geography that it must, evidently, go back to Roman times. This, surely, was

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The old route of the Lancaster canal

Lancaster canal currently ends just behind the junction of Fylde Road and Tulketh Brow. Where did the old canal run? Here’s an image, courtesy of Google Maps, showing the former route of the canal into the town centre.

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Snapshot of Ashton: 1842-1852

Ashton-on-Ribble in 1842-1852 In this article, studies an old 1842-1852 map and works out which parts of Ashton were around over 150 years ago. Much is written about the history of Preston in the years around 1842 – 1852.

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Preston’s Victorian credit crunch

Pundits pour over the reasons behind the current credit crunch, searching for the straw that broke the bankers’ back. In 1861, however, the reason for Preston’s credit crunch was clear: it came with the sudden death of Edward Pedder. In

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Old photos of Ashton

Want to see some old photos of Ashton and Preston? Click here to visit an the Lancashire Image Archive, run by Lancashire County Council, which contains old photos of Ashton, Preston and Lancashire. would love to hear from readers

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A very Victorian view of Ashton

In response to a request for old photos of Preston docks, one reader sent us this photo of the riverside in 1863 before the docks were built. The photo, taken from Whinfield Lane, amounts to a very Victorian view of

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