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Shop on Lane Ends

**** THIS ARTICLE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED ***** Please help us to update the information here. You’ll notice some gaps where we’ve deleted businesses that have closed or moved on. Original article: With over 40 shops on Lane Ends,

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Lane Ends pub in the 1980s – an emporium of enjoyment

One of our readers pointed out some footage on You Tube about Lane Ends pub in the 1980s. The footage is from 1981, showing the pub just before it was going to be refurbished, and long before it was extended

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Ashtonia – Lane Ends in the 1950s and 1960s

Anyone in Ashton who has driven through Lane Ends – which is probably everyone – will have passed the shop that once had the grand name of Ashtonia. The photos below show the shop in 1962.   Ashtonia was a

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