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Bruce Forsyth visited Tulketh Mill in 1977* to film an advert for Stork margarine. The filming took place in the canteen of Tulketh Mill which, at the time, was being used by the Peter Craig catalogue company. In the advert, Sir Bruce extolled the virtues of the margarine whilst surrounded by workers munching on bread covered with the marge.


 Bruce Forsyth

(Sir Bruce at the mill with Peter Craig workers - Click image for full size)

Filming took place on a Sunday and according to one article about the event: 'All the ladies concerned knew just how tiring film work really is, but, despite this, they agreed they had a most unusual Sunday'1.


What was Bruce's comment on the ladies? 'They were all marvellous. You would never guess this was their first time in front of the cameras - didn't they do well!'2


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* Not sure, it could have been 1976.

1. Article 'Tulketh ladies star in TV commercial'. We are unsure of the source as we only have a photocopy of the article with no source information.

2. ibid




Thanks to the reader who sent us this photo.



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